We are agile, nimble and have expertise in technology, medical, wellness, medical device, food and beverage, hospitality, fairs, festivals and events and more…

se&a is a strategic integrated marketing communications and public relations company located in Sausalito, California that offers the following services:

Marketing Strategy
Branding, & Design & Corporate Identity
Content Development & Communications Strategy
Public Relations
Websites, collateral, logo design and more…
Social Network Programs
email and Direct Marketing Programs
Media Outreach
Lead Generation
Project Management
Crowd Funding Strategy through final execution
Virtual Marketing, Branding & Design, Communications, Public Relations & Event Department

We can all agree that first impressions really do count. Your brand, website, collateral, corporate identity, email blasts, Social Media pages all need to reflect your business’s core value and image across all touchpoints.

If your brand isn’t current or living up to the image required for your company to compete in your category or if your website is more than three years old it’s time to refresh your “look and feel.”

Why se&a for branding & design?

Sandra Evans & Associates has over 25 years experience managing projects, creative teams and brands. With our knowledge of project management and client service, we know how to deliver the most value for your budget. In addition, our clients appreciate our project management and client services skills. From corporate identity, presentations, websites, video and film production to collateral projects, we have very likely been involved with a similar project to the one you have.

Public Relations

Public Relations, also known as unpaid media, delivers more impact than paid advertising.

What can an effective public relations campaign do for brands, event, nonprofits or services? Boost attendance to events, raise awareness, increase sales, attract investors, create new customers, validate your current customer’s buying decision that your product is the best for them, highlight cause marketing programs, build personalities, and drive traffic to your website, social media networks and customers to your website and door, develop key members of your team as experts and thought leaders in your industry and position your company as a though leader and trendsetter in the business.

Communications Strategy

The best campaigns all start with a compelling story. Image, design are important, but if the offer, the company’s information and communications strategy doesn’t work—even the best branding will not deliver the results needed by companies.

Taking time to get your messaging right is worth the effort and the time.

Some companies try to handle their messaging and communications strategy in house – then they wonder why their sales are lackluster, the media coverage non existent and their positioning isn’t delivering results.

Almost always it requires an outside resource to refine and refresh your messaging.


What can events do for your business?

Create buzz…
Highlight specific features you “own” in your particular category
Draw attendees that can be prospects, investors, media or customers
Build loyalty with existing customers
Reward customers
Draw new customers
Gain traction for your business with the media
Help differentiate your business from competitors

Crowdfunding and Investor Strategies

Thinking about crowdfunding?

Is it right for you?

se&a has a team of crowdfunding experts who have successfully raised funds on every crowd funding project that they’ve done.

SEO and SEM Strategies

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Your website is up and running, but if people aren’t finding you it’s not doing your business any good. If the wrong people are finding you, it may be clogging up your organization dealing with inquiries from unqualified leads. We can help build consistent SEO, increase your traffic and generate leads and interest online.

We work with partners to develop programs that engage customers and drive traffic to your website.


There are many reasons why you need to to create a professional branded presentation for your company. If your services are presented in the wrong way, you may lose the sale. When prospects compare companies—the ones that consistently win the contracts have unified presentations, messaging, and their teams know how to use these tools to win more contracts.

se&a can work with you to create a stunning presentation that will help bring more customers and close more business. If your team is using their own individual tools to create presentations and take your product or service out into the world—that lack of consistency may be hurting your business more than you know….

Direct Marketing

Postcards, email marketing, newsletters, etc., are tools that should always be part of the marketing mix. We can work with your team to take your materials to the next step for greater results. We strive to make sure that all email blasts and newsletters are not sitting inside an inbox failing to deliver relevant messaging to your prospects.

Sales Leads and Lead Generation

Many smaller companies are too busy to develop a system to generate qualified leads for their sales department and team. We can provide ongoing leads and assistance to your team so that your sales team is reaching out to new qualified leads each month.

Virtual Marketing, Public Relations, Design & Event Department

We can augment your current team by adding additional expertise, project management skills, improving the quality of the marketing and sales materials produced and reaching deadlines on time to ensure that you don’t miss important opportunities.

se&a can be your “go to” offsite marketing, public relations, branding and design and events department, handling many of the responsibilities in these areas for your company.

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